Kids’ View Review: Tiny Toon Adventures Crazy Crew Rescues!

Tiny Toons completely destroys every rule of what cartoons do NOT do on television. Cartoons are not supposed to air fake telethons. A cartoon normally does not compare our physics to their physics. However, this is the next generation of Looney Tunes and Looney Tunes has never followed the rules.

It might also be due to the fact that the new cast isn’t even out of their school. They are still studying at Acme University to get a degree in cartoons, and that just makes them even funnier. The jokes are hilarious.

Only Babs the Bunny would try to market a solar powered dryer (AKA a clothesline), and only Hampton the Pig would say his parents would punish him by playing the emergency broadcast. Even modern cartoons such as Phineas and Ferb hardly live up to the comedy Tiny Toons set.

Not only is the 2 disc set loaded with gags and puns, it also has quite a lot of references to other TV shows. In the very first episode, Babs starts imitating more shows, songs, and commercials then I could, from riding a boat grumbling “I am what I am” to falling on the floor and yelling “HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

When Buster the Bunny threatens to unplug the television the TV says, “NO! WAIT! Bill Cosby is on next!” The only downside is that with the age of the show most kids will not understand the quotes and references when they come up.

Another problem caused by the show’s age is the animation. It is not bad as some cartoons, but even for 1990 the animation is slightly dull. Animation doesn’t really matter though as long as the cartoon is entertaining, and as mentioned before, Tiny Toons is the king of it.

The collection comes with 2 discs. Disc 1 is a flawless collection of some of Tiny Toon’s greatest moments. Disc 2 was not. Instead of being treated to their hilarious mishaps you get some weird mixture of comedy, stupidity, and a little too much drama.

The episode Sepulveda Boulevard was so strange and stupid I almost threw up. Montana Max, the rich kid in the series, is some kind of scriptwriter who gets kidnapped and forced to write the script for Little Cutie. Then the next episode, Take Elmyra Please, was even worse. The rest were pretty much the same.

Overall, Tiny Toons is a great cartoon with a great cast, jokes, and charm. The collection gets 4 stars, and it would have been 5 had Disc 2 not have had those weird little kill joy episodes. No cartoon collection is complete without it.

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