Kids’ View Review: Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume Two

Any collector of the Looney Tunes series would want this. The collection contains enough re-mastered episodes to fill up three Blu-ray discs and it includes a 28-page book describing every single episode!

Who wouldn’t want it? Plus, the gags are top notch. It’s Looney Tunes! They practically invented laughter.

Disc One is the highlights of each Looney Tunes character. Disc Two is a special tribute to “Wabbit hunting”, and Disc Three is some of the lost cartoons. The cool thing about Looney Tunes is that it focuses on different characters.

With Tom and Jerry, it is always about the cat and mouse, but with Looney Tunes the short could be about Speedy Gonzales, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny, etc.

It gives the cartoons a lot of variety and creates something for everybody. I did not really like Speedy Gonzales, but I loved Road Runner and Daffy Duck. The cartoons are as clear as ever. It is almost impossible to pick out any film grain, and younger kids probably won’t even able to tell that the show they are watching is almost eight decades old.

As for the soundtrack, what could beat the beautifully composed jazz? Most of the modern cartoons use techno junk with stock sound effects, and it is getting harder and harder to find a show with quality background music.

Looney Tunes is not just an example of great music, it is the king of it. Of course, you will probably not hear the music over your laughter. The jokes are hilarious, corny, and wacky.

Daffy Duck pretends to be a fortune teller and says “Do you want your palm red?” while he paints somebody’s hand. The chicken hawk says to the rooster, “I don’t care if you’re a chicken or a schnook, you’ll look good in the oven!”

The only problem with Looney Tunes is the formula used. The first time Bugs Bunny tricked an idiot I laughed harder than ever. However, it became quite old after a while, as the same formula was recycled over and over.

I guess you would not be able to tell if walked into theatre in the 1940s and came back a month later, but it is highly noticeable when it plays back to back. If you’re a big fan of classic cartoons, this is for you.

Looney Tunes will always be 5 five stars!

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