Kids’ View Review: Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age returns at a mediocre attempt. When compared to the other hits released at the time (like Madagascar 3), it really fails. Ice Age died half a decade ago, and I really wish they’d stop making sequels like it is a brand new concept.

The plot, while occasionally providing a laugh or two, really felt stale and overdone. The continent is falling apart… but wait… didn’t it already melt?

We also get to see Peaches (the adorable baby mammoth who was born at the end of Dawn of the Dinosaurs) all grown up. She yells at her dad, and when the continent splits apart she cries because she got separated from him.

I really preferred Peaches when she was a cute little baby and not an over-emotional teenager. Her dad, Manny, ends up sailing on a chunk of ice with Sid the Sloth. It might sound strange and perhaps interesting, but it isn’t. Even the evil pirate crew (that looks cool at first) turns out to be the average bad guy team.

The visuals are pretty good. It’s a colorful, vibrant, and detailed movie. Thanks to the power of Blu-ray you can literately count every hair on the mammoth’s back.

The movie does lack exciting special effects and a lot of other films will look a lot better, but for the most part Ice Age provides great visuals.

The acting is decent. The actors play their part well and do their best with the stale plot provided, yet a lot of the characters lack expression. Nothing really sets them aside from the normal cast found in every movie.

While the actors do the drama well, it is not enough to make me feel for the characters they are voicing. The only person who really gave the movie life was Wanda Sykes – who did a great job playing Sid’s crazy grandmother.

Honestly, Ice Age: Continental Drift had potential, but just failed miserably. Ice Age has been on thin ice ever since 2009 when Dawn of the Dinosaurs had a noticeable lack of excitement and this movie pretty much cracks it.

It gets 2 stars. As far as I can tell, the entire movie was built an animated short of the Scrat splitting Pangaea.

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