Juliet Aubrey talks Primeval

British actress Juliet Aubrey plays Helen Cutter, the tough, enigmatic , driven, manipulative scientist and ex-wife of Professor Nick Cutter in the BBC America series Primeval. On the phone from London, Aubrey recently spoke to Monsters & Critics about playing Helen Cutter and the show.

On the show, Aubrey’s character disappeared eight years ago into an anomaly, and then mysteriously re-appears.

She’s time-traveled through a rift into the earth’s past, researching the dinosaurs, and into the future, and comes back with plans to rid humans off the Earth. Volume Two, series 3 of Primeval is now out on DVD. 

Volume Two, Series 3 of Primeval is out now. It features 3 discs, 10 episodes; an interview with actor Douglas Henshall (Nick Cutter), and a special, Genesis of a Creature.

M&C: How would you describe Helen?

Cutter: She can be bad and dangerous, but she is very passionate and intelligent and will stop at nothing from influencing the course of the future. She has her own agenda.

M&C: What has she been doing for the past eight years?

Cutter: She’s been living with dinosaurs, exploring the past and sees a few glimpses of the future. She’s been traveling through time, popping back in to see her husband [from afar], to take a shower. She’s a scientist learning how to influence the future.

M&C: Is she a villain?

Cutter: No, she is a very passionate scientist who believes in herself to save the world. I see her as an “eco-warrior.”

M&C: What do you like about her?

Cutter: I like her passion, her energy, she believes in herself and is very physical and nonstop. She’s not really selfish, she is ready to sacrifice herself. I like her drive.

M&C: What don’t you like about her?

Cutter: Well, I am in her shoes. She should give her husband more time. He went to her in the future. He deserves more explanations.

M&C: Do you like the action scenes?

Cutter: Yes I love the action sequences. Most actors like to do them themselves. I train very hard for Primeval. I do yoga, running and kick boxing.

M&C: Will there be another season?

Cutter: It’s up in the air.

M&C: Were fans upset when certain characters were killed off?

Cutter: Yes, I believe some fans were. But in Primeval, characters do come back, some have even been cloned.

M&C: Is it difficult acting against a green screen?

Cutter: It’s good fun, you get to stretch your imagination. You have to imagine something that’s not there. It’s not that much different from regular film and, the acting muscles need to be more developed again.

M&C: How is it to “act” with the dinosaurs, such as holding “Rex”?

Cutter: You just hold your arms like you’re holding something.

M&C: Where did you film Primeval? Did they actually film in the British Museum?

Cutter: Yes, they did film in the British Museum. They also filmed in the Grand Canary Islands. The landscapes are very volcanic.
M&C: What would you like people to know about Volume Two of Primeval?

Cutter: There’s more character development and new characters. It’s full of surprises, so watch it and see.

Primeval, Vol. 2 (Series 3) is now available at Amazon and AmazonUK. Visit the DVD database for more information.

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