Hottest Hair Trends, Tips and Tools for 2013

Pink hair? Big hair? Full voluminous waves and messy bobs? Check, check and check as the runways are filled with color, and loads of new takes on classic hair styles.

Colored hair dominated the catwalks during the spring/summer 2013 Fashion Weeks. The hottest of the colors seen was pink, highly flattering to most women and not quite as jarring as lime green.

You can rock colored hair without the commitment thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hills ( , who has invented an affordable ($20) kit of completely safe and temporary hair colors that will have you in pop star heaven.


Anastasia’s hair color comes in a kit of colors that look almost like blushes – as you apply this directly to clean hair. Please put a towel around your shoulders when you are applying.

The powder is easy to use, just unscrew the top and press your hair in between the powder and your finger, but wear rubber gloves so you won’t get color on your fingers. If you do – don’t fret – colors come off very easily with soap and water. To seal, use hair spray. Silicone allows powder to glide onto the hair. Kaolin Clay provides fab coverage, gives an ultra-fine texture, and absorbs excess oils.
All of Anastasia’s products are cruelty and paraben free and made in the USA.


The overall look of your hair is determined by your health, the cut, the color and the products you use on your hair. Healthy lifestyle trumps expensive hair potions, but certain items are worth splurging a bit more on.

Two in particular include John Frieda® styling tools by Conair ( and newcomer celebrity stylist Lee Stafford (LINK) who has a new styling line of product released in the USA.


Make sure you are eating good hair foods that contain fish oils, B vitamins, flax seed oil and your trace minerals too. Baby winter frazzled hair by using weekly deep conditioning treatments and taking it easy with direct heat appliances.
Use the new John Frieda Full Volume Dryer made with ionic technology for smooth, gorgeous hair without breaking the bank (under $50).

Volume Curls

Volume Curls


Also invest in the John Frieda collection of professional-grade brushes. These brushes have been designed with deep-shine silicone strips to smooth the hair with each stroke creating shine and smoothing flyaways and reducing frizz.  It’s technically called “blinding me with science” I believe, as the ions work to create mega shine by helping to flatten the hair’s cuticle layer, increasing sheen. The silicone is ultra-hard wearing, which means it will last for the life of the brush, so hair gleams.  The brush range is also made with tourmaline (100% crushed gemstones) that release these natural ions for the intense shine.

Sleek Finish

Sleek Finish


We tried and loved his Volume Curls Brush. This is a workhorse tool, a medium-sized round brush for smoothing and straightening; if hair is fine, this brush can help lift and add volume at the roots.

Also useful are the John Frieda Paddle Brush Sleek Finish ($12.99) which is made with shine-enhancing silicone bristles, natural ions and a flexible cushion base and the John Frieda Large Thermal Round Brush Full Volume ($14.99), a genius volumizer that is a must-own for blow-outs.

The bristles distribute the scalp’s own natural oils for added shine and smoothness. Use the Large Round Brush to straighten curly or wavy hair and the smaller one to add volume or curl.

Full Volume

Full Volume


Hairstylist Lee Stafford has recently launched his award-winning Lee Stafford Collection of hair care products in the U.S.A.


According to Lee, the three hottest hair trends for 2013 will be:

· The Perfect Ponytail

Depending on your style preference, you can wear a ponytail sleek and glamorous or messy and disheveled. Either way, your hair will look fabulous in the office or out on the town.

· For the Polished Pony:

1. Apply about a tennis ball size amount of the Lee Stafford Double Blow Mousse ($7.99) to wet hair, distributing the product evenly from root to tips before blow drying hair.

2. Section off hair and blow out as normal. Once straight and dry, use a good bristle brush to gather hair up to the crown in a ponytail.

3. Fix hair into place with a hair band, making sure that sides are secured in the ponytail. For extra staying power, lightly spray hair with Lee’s Hold Tight Firm Hold Hairspray ($7.99).

A great tip from Lee is to spray your hair brush with hairspray before you use it. As you brush your hair back into a pony tail, the hairspray on the brush will beat back flyaways and smooth frizzy strands into submission.

There’s an up ’do ponytail for all face types, and different pony tail styles will flatter facial features better than others.

If you have a circular shaped face, draw attention away from the roundest part by to keeping your ponytail on the side or perhaps turn your ponytail into a scruffy, side bun.

If you have a long or square face – try to leave a few strands of hair out to soften and frame the face or you can try a small bump at the front, creating the illusion of a rounder face.

· For the Untidy Tieback:

1. Follow step one in the Polished Pony.

2. Section off dried hair. One by one, spray each section with Lee’s Hold Tight Firm Hold Barnet Hairspray ($7.99) and create curls with a heated styling tool, like a curling iron or hair wand.

3. When finished, flip hair over and finger through curls gently. If you want a little more texture, lightly spray hair with the Lee Stafford Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray ($11.99).

4. Gather the hair loosely in the back, but secure ponytail firmly with a hair tie. Leave out a few strands in the front, for a romantic look.

· The Wavy Baby


Wavy hair, like Lea Michele’s at the 2012 VH1 Do Something Awards, will be one of the hottest hair trends in 2013. The great thing about this style is that it’s easy to achieve once you know how. It gives hair natural volume, and is extremely versatile!

“For the past 10 years, the hair vibe has been all about a sleek, straight look,” says Lee. “Girls are done with that now because it’s too much work. Wavy, tussled hair is so versatile because with just a touch of heat and a little bit of product, you can pull off a textured hair style with either curly or straight hair.”

1. To achieve this look, section off hair, spraying each section with Lee’s Flat Iron Protection Spray before you wrap each section around a hair wand or curling iron one by one.

2. Wrap the ends of the sectioned hair around the roller taking care not to buckle the hair. Then wind the roller down firmly towards the scalp. Keep winding until the roller sits on the roots of the hair.

3. Continue around the whole head always taking the same width of hair. Leave the finished set to dry naturally (roughly 20-30minutes) or dry with a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer to speed up the process. Remove each roller and brush through the hair following the direction of the set.

4. Now that you’ve done all that work, don’t let it go to waste. Finish with Lee’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray for a more lived in look or if you want a stronger hold on your style, polish off with his Hold Tight Firm Hold Hair Spray.

· The Big Bang

Recently, full bangs hitting straight and low on the forehead have been seen both on and off the red carpet.

If you don’t already have thick straight hair, this look is a little harder to recreate, but not impossible. Another good alternative are side swept bangs which work on almost every face shape and with every haircut. “Bangs have been seen on nearly every celebrity this year and are still on trend for 2013. Lee’s Hold Tight Firm Hold Hairspray is the perfect product for either look because unlike other hairsprays on the market that leave hair with a crunchy, crispy look and feel, Lee’s hairspray is specifically designed to leave hair feeling as good as it looks, while giving hold to all styles without the stiffness hairspray is known for.

The right bangs can soften and balance your features. Lee’s general rule for fringe is strong, square bangs better suits a narrow face because it opens up the face and narrows down the forehead.

With big eyes, you can pull off a great “coy” look, peeking out from beneath. Asymmetric or side sweeping bangs are the most flatting for a rounder shaped face; however, be careful if you have a low hairline or a small, round face – as it can become disproportionate and drown your features.

1. Begin with wet hair and apply a walnut size amount of the Lee Stafford Double Blow Mousse ($7.99).

2. Aim a hairdryer with a diffuser (to combat frizz) down the hair shaft. While blowing out bangs, try not to move the hair too much, as this will create body.

3. If you want a slight side flick, use a round brush and roll into the hair going backwards. Put the heat of the dryer on it then let the round brush cool down a little before you take it out.

· For a Side Swept Bang:

1. Follow step one in the Big Bang.

2. Use a round brush to roll the hair up, and blow dry hair on the side where you want the bangs to sit.

3. As you blow dry your hair, be sure to point your hair dryer down at your bangs, holding the dryer directly above the brush. When the hair is dried, lightly spray with some hairspray to hold it in place or secure in place with a cute clip.

Lee says, “I always say ‘leave it up to a professional to cut your fringe!’ It’s not as simple as just chopping off your hair with a pair of scissors. You want bangs to suit both your hair texture and face shape as well, but if you’re really desperate to trim your bangs, it’s important to know that you must cut slowly and UPWARDS into your bangs. Simply cutting across your forehead will give you a fringe line that’s too blunt and difficult to correct professionally later on!”

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