Hollywood Trender: Red Carpet secret PILLO1 insures best sleep

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities always manage to look so well-rested, even with their crazed schedules and all-night parties?

Word has spread on a new pillow that grabs your head and cradles it for perfect alignment and cool comfort.

Personally I have tried the tempurpedic pillow, the buckwheat pillow, the egg crate pillow and the contoured neck pillows sold at Costco. They all went to the garbage heap. My plan B default pillow was my squishy down pillow that still had to be punched into a shape I needed while I slept to accommodate my neck position.


Leading chiropractor and renowned sports and integrated medicine specialist, Dr. Raymond Hall, invented PILLO1, three pillows combined into one to help improve quality of life through better sleep. PILLO1 is a godsend, made from 100 percent non-toxic and renewable materials. Dr. Hall’s PILLO1 is clinically proven to help individuals sleep more deeply, and dream longer.

His clients and devoted followers are a who’s who of Hollywood: Jaclyn Smith, Brooke Burke, Angie Harmon, Michelle Wie, Mariel Hemingway, Fernando Verdasco, Johnny Buckland (Coldplay), Gerald Butler, Hannah Cornett, Courtney Hope, June Lockhart, Fran Drescher and many more.

What you notice immediately is that this pillow is heavy, and has a depressed center for back sleeping flanked by super soft flat edges for when you turn on your side. PILLO1’s unique design has shoulder cut-outs to reduce pressure while lying on your back or side and is made in three different sizes to create the perfect “fit” for whoever uses it. The revolutionary sleep system also tackles snoring, mild sleep apnea, neck and back pain and stiffness, chronic headaches, migraines, and even features a natural noise barrier for light sleepers.

The composition of the pillow is three different types of eco-friendly non-toxic forms, including Talalay latex and a small portion of soy-based bio foam. Talalay latex decreases heat trapping, which fights wrinkle formation and lines on the face when you wake up.

PILLO1 increases the very important REM or rapid eye movement sleep by more than 21 percent, decreases neck and shoulder pain and headaches, improves overall quality of sleep, decreases snoring by opening up airways, increases the healthy back lying position by 30 percent and restores the proper “C-type” neck curve.

Dr. Hall recommends that you sleep on your back and side for the following health benefits: It reduces stress on your neck and head. You get better respiration and improved circulation. You have less pressure on internal organs and improved spinal alignment.

PILLO1 is now sold across the nation in retail stores, including 33 Bed Bath & Beyond, Custom Comfort, Horton Pharmacies, online through Sharper Image, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Mariel Hemingway’s shop on Open Sky, www.PILLO1.com and catalogue sales from Hammacher Schlemmer, Skymall, Abe’s “natural store.”

Five stars, the best pillow for the money and you will be a convert after one night.


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