Hey Lady: Comic Monique Marvez has a few words for Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis is considered by many to be a legend in the comedy arts.

He is also a producer, writer, director, inventor (the modern day video assist was created in large part by his ideas back in 1960). He tirelessly works on behalf of the Muscular Dystrophy charity, and has raised millions over the years for the disease eradication efforts.

Mr. Lewis also prefers male comics over female.

Mr. Lewis was in Cannes for the premiere of “Max Rose,” a drama directed by Daniel Noah in which Lewis stars as an aging jazz musician.  Asked who his favorite female comics were Thursday at a Cannes Film Festival press conference, Jerry Lewis listed Cary Grant and Burt Reynolds. He then added: “I don’t have any,” reports the AP.

Back in 1998, the AP reports that Mr. Lewis famously said that watching women do comedy “sets me back a bit” for the “would-be” mothers to crack wise.

On Thursday, the 87-year-old Mr. Lewis said of women in comedy: “I can’t see women doing that. It bothers me.”

“I cannot sit and watch a lady diminish her qualities to the lowest common denominator,” he said. “I just can’t do that.”

We challenge Mr. Lewis to watch one of our favorite up and comers, Showtime star Monique Marvez, the Not Skinny Not Blonde comic currently heating up Los Angeles Talk Radio, who has some choice words for Mr. Lewis, a man she indirectly had a connection with some years back.

“In 1993, Jerry Lewis was questioned in Vanity Fair about the MDA telethon. He said, “I’ve raised one billion three hundred million dollars. These 19 people don’t want me to do that. They want me to stop now? Fuck them. Do it in caps. FUCK THEM.” It does not hurt my feelings that such a narrow minded un-PC man doesn’t think women are funny. Thank God Phyllis Diller, Betty White and Cloris Leachman were never his close friends.”


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