Giving back with Gyft, making the holidays more stress free

Here’s something that will help you get your holiday shopping done quicker and is eco-friendly.  

It’s called Gyft and it will make you change the way you shop. 

Hey, I’m all for anything that keeps me away from mall crowds, long wrapping lines and the endless loop of ‘Santa Clause Is Comin’ To Town’ playing on the store speakers.

Gyft is a brand new app that allows customers to upload, send and redeem gift cards from their phones. How great is that??

You can instantly buy gift cards and send them to friends and family via email, text or Facebook.  Gyft is based in San Francisco and backed by some pretty high-powered investors including Google Ventures and Ashton Kutcher’s A-Grade Investment.

Not only is Gyft taking the pain out of Christmas shopping, but they are also giving back. is joining forces with Immunity Project to end HIV/AIDS.

For the month of December, Gyft will donate any proceeds for all gift cards purchased through Gyft to Immunity Project, a team of scientists developing a revolutionary HIV vaccine.

Gyft sells gift cards for over 200 of the most popular retailers in the world including Amazon, Gap, Target, and Toys R’ Us so there is something for everyone.

Let’s end HIV/AIDS together this holiday season one gift card at a time.

Looking for the perfect gyft?

Buy that special someone a mobile giftcard from and help end AIDS! All proceeds for the month of December benefit Immunity Project. #HackHIV #WorldAIDSDay #ImmunityProject


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