Fire City – Book Review

The world has been overtaken by demons.  Only healthy humans who can work are allowed to survive. The remainder are sent out into reserves as playthings for the demons to hunt.  Throughout the world, there are pockets of resistance. One of these is in Fire City where Martha and her friends are fighting for their freedom. 

Success is limited, until a mysterious stranger arrives.  Jonah possesses a power which is stronger than that of any demon.  Who is he?  It is a time of choice. Will Jonah opt for the demons or the humans?  What will mean for the resistance movement? This is a well thought out adventure for a teenage audience.  Action packed, and fast paced; the story line moves rapidly. 

There are lots of fights and attacks – definitely not for the squeamish!  Attention is more on the story line than on characterization, which will suit a lot of readers who just want a good story.