Fashionista spotlight: Orange high heeled boots, oh yes we did

A new British invasion has hit our shores offering trend-static fashions at affordable prices.

Shoes make me happy.  Well, hot, sexy, wild, feminine shoes make me happy.  Nurse’s shoes or sensible beige pumps make me very sad.  If we are using that as a scale of shoes and happiness, then BooHoo shoes make me giddy like a school girl going to the prom with the captain of the football team!!

UK’s leading online fashion retailers, has a large variety of shoes to choose from that are right up my alley, bold, sexy, bright. 

Shoes that scream… “SHOES”!  Case in point, I just got a pair of the Rhianna Neon Mesh Perspex Heel Boot in bright neon orange.   These are shoes that definitely scream “SHOES”.   

I congratulate anyone who can look at a neon orange mesh plastic textile and 5 inches of stacked Lucite and think this would make a really neat shoe.

First let’s talk heel…. they are over 5 inches with a 1 ½ inch platform.  Remember when we used to call these high heels hooker shoes?  Now you don’t have to be a working girl to pull off this height.  Everyone wears them weather you’re out clubbing or shopping or taking the kids to the park. Or going to church… you get the drift


Now, let’s tackle the orange color… This is the same shade of orange that you see felons wearing on the side of the road while cleaning up trash for their community service.  I never thought I would see that color and think… hmmm, stylish.

But that awful color and the crazy height together and you have got one bad-ass shoe that I absolutely love.  And I have no idea why I think they are so cool.   They are also surprisingly light and comfortable and easy to wear.  If you like the style but hate the color, don’t worry, they also come in more muted colors and fabrics, but I say if you are going to take it up a notch, do it with shock and awe.

Karen V. Stevens is a media gal, writer, producer, PR spin master and USC Trojan football enthusiast who is currently out getting some shoes.  Hollah on Twitter

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