Fall skin game plan: Fake Bake best in self tanner category

There is finally a nip in the air.

I went out the other morning and I smelled fall….it was cool, crisp and comfortable.  I love this time of year, I love almost everything about it… the sweaters and comfort food and wearing mittens at football games.  There are so many reasons to love fall and now we have even one more reason… Fake Bake. 


Just because the leaves are turning brown doesn’t mean we have to turn pasty white again.  We can hold on to our sun kissed skin with my favorite sunless tanning spray, Fake Bake.  You just spray it on, wait a few hours and rinse it off.  The residue will go down the drain but the unique Dihydroxy formula is what creates your tan and will leave a golden brown color to your skin without clogging your pores.

I started using Fake Bake a few months ago when I finally that although hiding from the sun was good for my skin, I was looking a very white and pasty, and that is not a good look for me.  In my teens and 20s I would spend hours sitting at the beach or the pool constantly spraying Hawaiin Tropic oil all over my body until I was a golden brown sun goddess.  My friends and I would have contest to see who could get the brownest…. Ah the good old days when age spots or skin cancer where just myths.  It is in your 30s that reality hits you like a reddish hued brick and you spend your summer covered up and doing more productive things with your life other than destroying your skin….

At $31.99 a bottle that will last you at least a month, it is much cheaper than months of chemo from skin cancer… just saying….

This is why Fake Bake is a wonderful product and if you fear being compared to various tangerine- hued reality stars not to worry, Fake Bake isn’t going to turn you “Orange-Snookie” or make you look like a Dancing With The Stars wannabe.  This color is subtle and natural looking.

I recommend that you first scrub your skin with Fake Bake’s Passion Fruit Body Scrub.  It gently exfoliates your skin which leaves it feeling silky smooth and ready to tan.  I like it because it doesn’t feel like you are scratching off your skin but just barely scraping off all the unwanted particles.  Once you are clean and dry it’s time to spray on the Fake Bake 60 Minute Tan.

I spray in an open area.  My neighbors are now used to seeing me in the courtyard of my apartment, wearing my oversized faded nightshirt and undies while I spray my legs at least once a week.   I live in a building that is 95% gay so I’m pretty sure the only thing they want from me is my Fake Bake. 

So now, let’s welcome fall with open tanned arms.  Proudly Made in the USA!


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