Dane Cook is Carter in Fat Pig, Broadway bound for 2011

Boston comic Dane Cook is headed for the Great White Way next spring in Neil LaBute’s bittersweet play, Fat Pig.

Josh Hamilton (Tom) will star alongside Cook, who is cast as Tom’s judgmental pal Carter.

The play was first introduced Off Broadway in 2004, and has seen productions go up in Boston, Los Angeles, and London.

The Broadway directorial debut is a first for LaBute, and is produced by Heather Provost and Aldo Scrofani.

Four characters make up the play, Helen, Tom, Jeannie and Carter. The unlikely love story sees Helen charm Tom with her confidence and wit, despite her plus-size shape.

Tom slowly falls for her and it is derailed slightly by his pal Carter (Cook) who rudely reminds him of Helen’s obesity.  Helen and Tom manage to build a relationship despite the chatter until it reaches a crescendo, and a job opportunity takes Helen away, after she realizes he harbors shame in being seen with her.

Cook is an HBO stand-up special regular who has starred in My Best Friends Girl, Dan in Real Life, Good Luck Chuck, Mr. Brooks, and Employee of the Month.