DVD Bloopers, Deleted and Extra Scenes from Cougar Town & Desperate Housewives!

Two great DVD collections are released by Walt Disney Studio’s Home Entertainment, who shared all-new clips, including bloopers, deleted scenes and extras from Cougar Town: The Complete Second Season, and Desperate Housewives: The Complete Seventh Season, which are available on DVD August 30th! 

You can purchase these at the ABC store 

First up, Desperate Housewives The Complete Seventh Season.


Subtitled “Wild, Wild Westeria Edition,” and containing all twenty-three episodes of the hit dramedy’s season.

The series Desperate Housewives centers on the four main women: Bree, who helps son Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom) deal with the alcoholism he inherited from her. Susan faces mortality and money problems. Gabrielle discovers her eldest daughter was switched at birth in the hospital, and their biological child is being raised by illegal immigrants. Lynette faces the possible end of her very long marriage.

Watch for the bonus feature “Growing Up On Wisteria Lane.” The child actors, especially those who grew up on the series and were never recast, talk about what life is like on set.

Desperate Housewives: The Complete Seventh Season:

·         Bonus Blooper

·         Nervous Energy Deleted Scene

·         Bonus Solis Family

Desperate Housewives
Bonus Bloopers

Nervous Energy Deleted Scene

Bonus Solis Family

ABC is releasing the second season of Cougar Town on DVD.


The DVD contains all 22 episodes of the season as well as bonus features, of course. The bonus features include a look at the evolution of the show from the writers and cast, six webisodes called “Andy’s Dreams”, deleted scenes and outtakes.

Cougar Town’s first season centered around Jules Cobb (Courtney Cox) and her search for love after a breakup with Bobby Cobb (Brian Van Holt).

The second season sees Cougar Town is more of an ensemble and less a tale of middle-aged women chasing young men.

Watch for Deleted scenes – There are six deleted scenes from four different episodes. Three of them are from the same episode entitled “You’re Gonna Get It”. and Andy’s Dreams –  six bonus webisodes featuring Andy (Ian Gomez) dreaming about various things.

Cougar Town: The Complete Second Season:

· Extra Cast Comments

· Hi Baby Deleted Scene

Cougar Town
Extra Cast Comments

Hi Baby Deleted Scene

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