Couto Brothers at the Petra Gallerie October 20 must see art event in Los Angeles

The famed Couto Brothers, Alexandre and Chris, whose collaborative venture is the culmination of the creative energies of common blood, and a common drive for artistic exploration and excellence, are showing their collection at Petra Gallerie in Los Angeles. 

Rising stars in the American art landscape, The Couto duo fuses their individual styles into collateral that is at once eclectic and harmonious.  Chris and Alex Couto are both self taught artists rooted in Brooklyn and based in Los Angeles. The two brothers simultaneously create vibrant and colorful works of art that often portray the balance between the beautiful and violent.



The brothers excel in Kaleidoscope and Liquid Blends categories.  Their Kaleidoscope portfolio “fuses colors and shapes into forms, often narrating history and culture”; on the other, the Liquid Blends category is a “brushless array of color flowing through harmony and rhythm”. 

The Couto Brothers’ are on Facebook and Twitter under the tag @Couto_Bros.
This no miss event happens at the Petra Gallerie –  located at 1151 South Robertson in Beverly Hills, California 90035 beginning at 8 PM.