College Dorm Essentials 2013: The Blazar, powerful sound from portable cube

It is that time of summer where college students head back to campus.

We’ve been busy testing some of the essential gadgets and small appliances at Monsters and Critics’ USA headquarters to make any dorm room or apartment feel like a proper place of residence.

Along with new bedding, dorm furniture and all the technology required for late-night cram sessions and last-minute papers, one must have space saving essentials like a perfect portable speaker that can crank the jam or lull you to sleep after an all-nighter study session.

Not just any portable speaker, but a bluetooth speaker that can be hardwired into a laptop or float perfectly on a desk untethered.


The Blazar is definitely a dorm essential! This sleek ideal sound hub is perfect for a dorm small space and is housed in one grown-up cubist design wrapped in aluminum. It’s a compact speaker made for ease and portability, that has an impressive batery life and the desirable aesthetics to look harp and deliver.

You can achieve high volumes without audio distortion to. Just sync with your bluetooth setting on your computer, mp3 player, phone or iPod and seamless music is yours.

Interestingly, The Blazar by Beacon Audio was launched July 23rd via Kickstarter in a push that was so successful that the project was funded in only three days! Check out the company’s Facebook page too.

Beacon Audio has a fantastic product to offer in this cube speaker, and for the college kid, it’s totally affordable and can even be combined with another Blazar cube for a badass true stereo sound with a second paired speaker. The Blazar allows you to wirelessly connect and play music without cables and without limits and is universally compatible so it works with iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Blackberry, Windows, and more. Comes with a built-in microphone too.

The Blazar is hands down the best small, completely portable speaker we have tried out that comes with a 12-hour battery life and is backed up by a 1000 day warranty.

Check out the video that shows all the love that went into this little cube of Big Audio Dynamite:

Caveat: If you are plugging The Blazar straight in to a laptop, make sure you plug it into the LEFT port on the back side – The Blazar is definitely compatible with anything plugged in through the back. The Bluetooth feature on the Blazar is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device as well.


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