Clues That Beyonce May Be Pregnant

A clue that Beyonce may be pregnant? Seafood is on her menu according to the National Seafood Institute, who are very happy about this factoid. 

With speculation growing about Beyonce – is she pregnant or not? – fans spotted a possible hint on her tumblr page: Her dinner menu in France included Salad Nicoise, a popular salad topped with tuna.

A few celebrity bloggers seized on the clue – and immediately predicted that Beyonce was NOT pregnant because her photo zoomed in on tuna, a food that pregnant women used to think should be limited during pregnancy. Joyce Chen at Us Weekly started it and JustJared re-posted it.

The Institute says too bad these bloggers know nothing about pregnancy diets. And thank goodness they aren’t doctors or detectives.

Because if they actually knew something about what pregnant women need to be eating, they would understand that fish, including tuna, is actually one of the most important foods women need to eat more of because 50% of a baby’s brain is made up of essential fatty acids found in seafood. 

If Beyonce is pregnant, she is likely seeing top-notch doctors who would advise her, based on U.S. and international government guidelines and research, to eat more seafood — including tuna — because of the essential nutrients in fish so important to babies’ brain and eye development. 

Seafood is also indispensable for expecting and breastfeeding moms because it lowers the risk of heart disease, the number one cause of death for American women.


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