Book Reviews: Real Vampires Hate Skinny Jeans

Rubenesque vampire Gloriana St. Clair is looking forward to enjoying some well-deserved downtime only to have her plans derailed by the reappearance of the now pregnant demon Alesa on her doorstep. Alesa claims she got pregnant while possessing Glory who had an ill-advised fling with her former bodyguard and werewolf Rafe. Glory’s long time lover and sire Jeremiah Campbell is understandably upset by Alesa’s claim and insistence on moving in with Glory. In an attempt to find out whether Rafe is the father, Glory arranges for Ian MacDonald to perform a series of tests on Alesa but quickly discovers there may be more to her own background then she ever dreamt. When Ian tells Glory she was never human, his assertion is met with derision, especially as it plays into the centuries old feud between the MacDonald’s and Campbell’s.

While the constantly hungry, increasingly demanding Alesa gets rounder, Glory begins discovering some latent powers. In an effort to protect Glory from the demon, Rafe arranges for a gifted wereleopard bodyguard to keep watch. Between trying to keep Jerry, Rafe and Ian from killing each other, arranging shopping trips, keeping her mentoring charge safe and delving into her distant past, Glory has a full plate and that’s before being abducted by the Sirens.

Only Glory could have this many problems as a vampire and maintain a sense of humor. Bartlett’s light, entertaining series always has some surprise twist that puts Glory and Jerry’s relationship into a tailspin and this book is no exception. Fast action coupled with liberal doses of wit, romantic angst and a pregnant demon make this a quick read though one can’t help but wonder how such a long-term relationship can have so many trust issues.

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