Book Reviews: Black Dawn

Book twelve of the Morganville Vampire series picks up shortly after Last Breath with the residents of The Glass House and all of Morganville facing draugs. Deadly adversaries like no other, draugs are the creatures of nightmares especially for vampires. Draugs are completely at home in any form of water and forever hungry for more power which they drink down like food. The draugs were drawn to Morganville because it is a town populated and run by vampires and that much power in one place is simply too irresistible to ignore. The human residents are expected to provide blood donations on a regular basis, live by vampire rules including no one gets to leave town without permission so when a general evacuation is ordered, there is no doubt conditions are dire.

Claire along with her close-knit group of friends are determined to fight for their community even though Amelie, the town Founder has been infected by a master draug’s bite and is doomed to become his Queen. The situation is grimmer then anything they have faced before but as the old expression goes, desperate times call for desperate measures. Claire must become the bait in an all or nothing gamble, either way, the outcome will mean the residents of Morganville will have to adapt to a new set of rules.

Told from several perspectives, this dark tale packs all the paranormal action readers have come to expect from Caine. The tension between Amelie and Oliver and between residents of the Glass House continues to the conclusion. After lengthy buildup, the climax packs a punch although there is a rushed quality to it. While some elements of the story are new, there is a sense of repetitiveness to the plot that may leave fans wondering how often it can by recycled and still hold their interest.

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