Book Review: Yuck

As omnivores, humans can and frequently do, eat some amazing and disgusting things as illustrated in this entertaining stroll through more then a hundred of the most unusual foodstuffs you are likely to encounter. Most of these colorfully presented “delicacies” vividly demonstrate how rare treats in one country can be viewed as completely revolting anywhere else while begging the question, what drove some poor demented soul into trying this stuff in the first place. No part of an animal is off limits as shown by Raw Blood Soup, Sheep’s Penis on a Stick, Kangaroo Tail or Deboned Duck Feet. Along with a color photo, each item includes a bit of info about how it is prepared, where you are likely to encounter it and how best to enjoy. With the exception of the Deep Fried Mar’s Bar these are certainly an acquired taste so sit back, relax and enjoy this heaping serving of nauseating food safe in the knowledge you don’t have to actually eat any of it.


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