Book Review: Woven Treasures

A weaver with thirty years of experience, Lamb moved from complex weaves to the simpler, ancient techniques to achieve the desired results while creating her series of bags. These bags are to weavers what socks are to knitters, they are samplers; small, easily made items that allow for experimentation without investing in a big loom or purchasing mass quantities of yarn. Beginning with basic tabby as seen in the jewel toned “Pick-up Tote” with pick-up woven handles, Lamb then moves on to twining, soumak, and knotted cut pile with cardwoven bands.

With its detailed photography and clear instructions covering warping, finishing and reading charts, this is ideal for beginning weavers as the techniques require only an inexpensive rigid heddle loom and the most basic supplies. There is also a wealth of background information and assorted embellishment ideas allowing plenty of room for individuality. Best of all, when you’ve mastered a new technique you have a bright, lively bag to show off.

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