Book Review: Woven Scarves

Dust off those neglected rigid heddle looms, grab the cool yarns you’ve been hoarding and dive into the wonderful array of fabrics presented in this terrific collection. Though the crystal clear instructions are for scarves, those with larger looms will have no difficulty enlarging projects like the airy “Eyelet Scarf” into shawls and more. Top-notch close-up photography demonstrates more complex techniques like using pick-up sticks, tying Ghiordes knots, finishing touches and more. The patterns begin with chunky yarns and easy balanced weaves including the venerable old favorite, “Log Cabin” before moving to more challenging pieces like “Sun Shower” which requires a careful beat. The “Stainless Steel Scarf” shows off the unexpected beauty of weaving with fine silk wrapped wire. Each of the twenty-six projects feature actual size photographs of the yarns used, wound on a card allowing weavers to see how many wraps per inch are required. This makes yarn substitution much easier.

With innovative ideas and careful attention to detail, this book delivers exactly what the cover promises, inspired designs not only for the rigid heddle loom but with drafts included, shaft weavers as well. Sidebars provide all manner of useful information so be sure to watch for them. From dressing the loom to fulling, beginners will find everything they need to get started weaving with confidence and as their skills develop, provide challenging new ideas to try. Without a doubt, this is one of the better beginner weaving books available. This may be purchased from


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