Book Review: Wolf at the Door

Taking place just after Undead and Undermined, Davidson’s newest title combines the Wyndham Werewolves and Undead series. Rachel an accountant, a Wyndham werewolf and cousin to Michael the Pack leader is sent to Minnesota to stay abreast of Queen Betsy and the vampire population while being on the lookout for rogue werewolves. Although not wild about relocating, Rachel takes her assignments seriously. The last thing she expected to find was Edward, a geeky human male who finally decided to make a change in his living arrangements. Of course, the surprise ran both ways when Rachel revealed her true nature to Edward who, to his credit, took her being a werewolf remarkably well. Before matters of the heart can take over however, Betsy, Barry, Edward and others must find out whom or what is behind a series of killings and as the new werewolf in town, Rachel is the obvious suspect.

This light read with plenty of internal dialog has ample snarky humor and air-headed characters but fails to move either series forward. If anything, Betsy is more shoe obsessed then ever and although she is treating those around her better then in Undead and Undermined, fails to exhibit any signs of growing from past experiences. Fans expecting more then just an easy romp will be disappointed in this offering.

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