Book Review: Wire Art Jewelry Workshop

Artist and teacher Miller puts her considerable expertise into this excellent, step-by-step instructional on basic wireworking techniques that is certain to get beginners off to a good start while refining the skills of intermediate artisans. Beginning with a comprehensive introduction to the necessary tools and materials, readers begin making connector beads then embellish them with coils. Eye pins with variations, hook and eye closures, ear hooks, twists, coils and more are combined to create deceptively complex looking designs showcased by the Dancing Man Necklace.

While the sixteen projects are fun, interesting and inspiring, it is the depth of instruction that sets this book apart. Detailed, close-up photography shows exactly how to hold, place and use the tools of the trade. Each curl, twist and wrap is illustrated and for those who need more active visual instruction, an hour long DVD is included providing the feel of taking part in a private lesson. Anyone looking to learn or refine the art of wirework needs to add this book to their workbench. 


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