Book Review: Winging It

Being a teenager is never easy but it’s especially difficult for Zoë Sorensson as she anxiously awaits coming into her full powers as the new Pyr Wyvern while keeping her identity as a dragon shape shifter a secret from her best friend Meagan. To top that off, Zoë’s parents have just separated, possibly for good. After a loss of temper resulted in her assuming dragon form at high school, her father forbids Zoë from taking that shape again. Although magic wielding Mages had signed an agreement with the Pyr to cease hostilities, Zoë doesn’t believe the Mages ever intended to honor their end of the bargain. When Zoë receives an invitation to a Halloween party hosted by Trevor, a fellow student and Mage in training she is wary of the implications and with just cause.

As tensions rise between Zoë and Meagan, she tries to reconcile herself to the fact that the boy she really is attracted to doesn’t seem that interested in her. With Halloween night drawing closer, Zoë and her shape-shifting friends discover more about the Mages plan to eradicate yet another shape shifting species during a new Mage’s initiation. Zoë’s rite of passage toward becoming the new Wyvern will require quick thinking, teamwork and righting old wrongs.

Fans of the Jennifer Scales series by Mary Janice Davidson and Anthony Alongi are sure to enjoy this smoothly paced young adult story. Newcomers can jump right in with book two of the Dragon Diaries then go back and fill in missing character details by reading Flying Blind. Zoë’s conflicts with friends, family and obligations are themes anyone can relate to and it is a treat to see how she deals with everything including a confused love life in a manner that rings true to her nature. Adding the Fates into the story is an interesting twist as is Zoë’s brother and a very special ring.


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