Book Review: White Tiger

Originally released in 2006, this unusual blend of Chinese deities, the Tao, martial arts and romance is set in modern day Hong Kong where Australian born Emma takes a job as a live-in nanny for Simone, a sweet tempered four-year-old girl. With Leo, a huge body guard/driver and mysterious people coming and going at all hours it quickly becomes apparent that this is no ordinary household. Demanding answers of Simone’s father John or Leo only leads to vague promises that everything is perfectly legal. Six months later Emma learns John is none other then one of the Shen, a Chinese god living in human form for the sake of his half human daughter. Living in human form for so long has seriously depleted his power so John and especially daughter Simone are targets for demons determined to gain favor with their ruler. As love grows between John and Emma, their situation becomes ever more bittersweet as even a touch could drain her life force. When a demon prince kidnaps Simone, Emma has no choice but to follow and hope to bargain for their safe release.

This somewhat repetitive tale focuses a great deal upon demon attacks, John’s weakened condition, Emma’s training and their doomed love affair. Emma appears to have no hobbies or outside interests beyond surfing the internet for more information on Chinese deities and only two friends. She dives right into making Simone the center of her world which is sweet but improbable. Good character development, careful attention to Chinese beliefs and details about everyday life in this teeming city are what carry the story. This is an enjoyable read provided you don’t expect too many surprises.


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