Book Review: Wanted: Undead or Alive

Ironically, Phineas McKinney, known as the Love Doctor amongst the fanged community, has enabled several of his warrior buddies to win the girl of their dreams while he sits on the sidelines single and lonely. Brynley Jones, a werewolf princess has made no bones about her feelings regarding vampires so although attracted to her, Phineas knows his infatuation has no future. In a bid to locate Corky, self-proclaimed Queen of the vampires and leader of the Malcontent’s, Phineas must travel to the wilds of Wyoming but he won’t be alone.

Brynley must act as Phineas’s daytime protector while he’s hunting the Wyoming backcountry and while she has no great love of vampires, is looking forward to the opportunity to return to home territory. Being in familiar territory may be a great comfort to her wolf side but should Brynley’s controlling father discover her whereabouts, it could spell the end of her freedom. As Phineas and Brynley work to discover Corky’s location the passion between them flares but he wants much more then a quick fling but winning her trust will be no easy matter.

Fast moving and full of good natured, self-depreciating humor this entertaining paranormal romance delivers a strong storyline. The sexual tension is nicely maintained throughout yet doesn’t overwhelm. While there is one major twist to the vampire/werewolf mythologies, the contentious relationships between the two species and werewolf infighting form the backbone of this tale. The addition of Phineas’s human brother is a nice touch and will undoubtedly figure in future editions. The one flaw is how the relationship between Brynley and her manipulative father works out, the horrendous things he put her through seem beyond quick forgiveness. Old fans and newcomers to the series will enjoy Sparks latest release.

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