Book Review: Walking Thunder

In a breathtaking tribute to the intelligence, majesty and sheer size of the African elephant, photographers Christo and Wilkinson have compiled this amazing collection of duotone images and short essays. The evocative photos convey a sense of scale, the dusty haze that hangs over the savanna as well as the full range of emotions displayed by these noble giants. Thoughtful essays include a lovely fable about two brothers and an elephant that resulted in a gift from God, a gentle reminder that we are all a part of this world and should act accordingly.

Dame Daphne Sheldrick who has worked with elephants for years, raising and reintegrating the orphans, wrote a touching prologue that portraits the elephants depth of knowledge, resilience to adversity and capacity to love. More then just a pretty coffee table book, this beautifully produced volume is a wakeup call to stop exploiting elephants in the name of vanity; think ivory cigarette holders. If humanity continues to allow the exploitation of these gentle giants, it says we fail to understand the value of life or our role as considerate stewards. 

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