Book Review: Vlad the Impaler

With vampires increased popularity and box office appeal it seems only right that Vlad, the bloodthirsty ruler who inspired Stoker’s original tale receive his share of the limelight. Brilliantly illustrated with just enough history and geography to spark further reading, this gritty telling follows Prince Vlad from his imprisonment by a Turkish Sultan where he learned the value of instilling fear, to adulthood and his attempts to regain the throne of Wallachia.

Primarily written for youth and teenagers, the captivating illustrations range from bold to dark and brooding depending upon the storyline. Prince Vlad’s story was smoothed over, just touching on his time spent with the Turks, subsequent attempts to regain his throne and love life. This condensed version provides just enough blood and gore, sex and violence to tantalize readers into searching out more detailed information about a vilified character whose deeds rival anything from Bram Stoker’s imagination, a delightful Halloween read.

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