Book Review: Vision Impossible

Book nine of the Psychic Eye Mystery series delivers a smooth, fast-paced read full of double agents and surprises. When the one and only prototype of a specially equipped U.S. military drone goes missing, psychic Abby Cooper’s abilities are demanded by top ranking government officials to locate it. The drone carried an aura identification camera capable of locating specific individuals and then killing them with a lethal, undetectable neurotoxin. Should this weapon fall into the wrong hands the results could seriously change the balance of power which is why Abby must take weapons training and join her hunky fiancé and agent Dutch Rivers in a dangerous undercover operation to locate and recover the missing drone before it leaves Canada. Little did Abby and Dutch realize how close to death this mission would take them.

Several well-developed secondary characters including a couple surprising double agents provide plenty of tension to this excellent mystery with a psychic twist. Abby has really grown into her abilities and continues that growth into the emotional arena when faced with losing what is most important to her. Humor lightens the overall tone while the storyline captures your attention and doesn’t let go until the final pages, don’t miss this one.  

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