Book Review: Vampire Mine

To the consternation of his friends, with the approach of his five hundredth birthday Connor has gotten increasingly crankier and more withdrawn. Carrying the crushing guilt of past deeds, Connor believes himself damned and sees no way to erase it. While hunting Malcontents, vampires who thrive on killing, Connor witnesses a brutal attack on a young woman. Although she is an Angel of Death, Marielle Quatriduum still baulks at taking the lives of little children and her most recent refusal has led to a severe punishment. Marielle has just had her wings painfully removed and is banished from Heaven.

Connor finds the naked, stricken and wounded Marielle and takes her to the safe haven of Romatech with dire consequences that results in the loss of his job. Floundering, angry and drawn to the sweet natured, innocent Angel of Death, Connor finds himself struggling to keep his hands off her. As Marielle copes with the strange new sensations of having a corporal presence, she senses there are unplumbed depths to the vampire protecting her from demons looking to expand their ranks. As Marielle prays for Connor’s redemption, she is forced to consider whether she really wants to return to Heaven or forsake it all to remain with the noble warrior.

Fans of urban fantasy and paranormal romance will enjoy this light, uncomplicated story provided they don’t look for too many surprises or battles. The climatic showdown between the Malcontents and Draganesti warriors dissolves into lukewarm confrontation where the worst consequence could be a You-Tube video going viral. The inclusion of a fallen angel coping with an unfamiliar human body and strange codes of behavior are the best part of the story and help make up for Connor’s continued whining about what a horrible person he is.


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