Book Review: Up From the Grave

Last of the Night Huntress series starring vampire couple Cat and Bones wraps up with an action packed adventure that reunites several of the major characters from previous books. Former CIA agent Jason Madigan has taken control of the tactical unit Cat used to be a part of and with several of her old buddies missing, it is time to pay him a call. Not only is Madigan unwilling to provide answers, he wants Cat for something badly enough to try threatening her in Bones presence. To find answers, Tyler a medium is asked to help with contacting Don but he refuses to offer more then a warning to leave the mystery of missing team members alone. Naturally, Cat and Bones aren’t going to walk away from their friends so they enlist the help of several familiar characters and in the process, learn some seriously disturbing news about Madigan and his resources. There is someone powerful behind the scenes orchestrating events and things are about to get messy.

Although the general storyline is predictable, this is a satisfying conclusion to one of the better urban fantasy series. It was a treat to have so many old characters brought back into the fast-paced story that finally sees Cat and Bones settling comfortably into a life together. As this is the seventh book of the series, it shouldn’t be surprising that the sexual tension is not as intense has earlier titles but readers are sure to miss the sparks. By the conclusion, Cat and Bones’s relationship has more of a comfortably broken in pair of shoes feel then the emotional rollercoaster that is so frequently part of a new romance. It gives readers hope that this dynamic couple might actually have a chance to sit back and enjoy plying the open seas without having to save the world, at least for a little while.

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