Book Review: Unknown

Martin Harris was warned he might suffer some memory problems after the accident that left him in a coma for three days, though nothing could have prepared him for a world suddenly turned inside out. When Martin returned home, his wife Liz didn’t recognize him and worse, another man had assumed his identity. Newly relocated to France, Martin lost his wallet in the accident and has no one who can vouch for his identity. After a confrontation at the police station, he finds himself without any way of establishing that he is the real Martin Harris. His only hope lies with the cab driver involved in the accident with him but she is understandably skeptical. As Martin struggles to understand why someone would construct such an elaborate hoax and who the imposter is, he forges a new identity and a chance at redemption.

Originally published as Out of My Head, this riveting mystery is a page-turner that will leave readers pondering what they might do if placed in similar circumstances and what makes a human personality. Martin’s character is compelling as he puzzles out what has happened and by whose hand was it orchestrated. Cauwelaert has effectively captured the helplessness of the moment that readers can easily sympathize with, making this a winner.

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