Book Review: Undead and Underwater

Davidson builds on her popular Undead series with this collection of three new novellas that include Betsy, queen of the dead; the Wyndham werewolves; Fred, a mermaid character with strength and an attitude to match and Hailey Derry, a distracted human resource rep who happens to be a super hero. “Super, Girl!” starts off this fun, lighthearted paranormal romp. From employees at Ramouette to complete strangers, Hailey, aka It Girl does what she can to help those who need it but saving people frequently means being late for work. Although Hailey has kept her super powers a secret, Jamie Linus, a sexy new hire throws her carefully laid plans into disarray just in time to ferret out a threat from within.

From the time Lara Wyndham was a toddler she unconsciously displayed all the traits of a strong alpha and now that she has grown up, her parents have taken the unprecedented step of retiring as pack leaders in “Incomer”. All through her childhood Lara was always aware of Jack Gardner, a Packer who thanks to a sorceress’s spell was unable to shift forms. As Lara works to establish herself as the new pack leader, someone is leaving dead calling cards on the doorstep, good thing Jack is ready to assist in every way that matters.

Fred and Betsy meet unexpectedly while attempting to aid of Madison Fehr, an employee at the New England Aquarium in “Undead and Underwater” and uncover a sinister plot to eradicate the Undersea Folk. From shoes and insane husbands to matchmaking efforts, Betsy and Fred may not be best of friends but that doesn’t stop them from teaming up and fighting for what is right. Davidson’s fans are certain to appreciate these light and breezy tales which are not so entrenched in past storylines that newcomers can’t jump in and enjoy.

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