Book Review: Two Weeks Notice

Bryn Davis was just an average young woman learning the ropes of a new job when she was murdered on her first day of work but that is not the end of the story. Bryn was revived with an experimental drug called Returne developed by Pharmadene pharmaceutical company. Now Bryn and a crew of Pharmadene employees must have daily shots of the drug or decompose while conscious and with Returne under government control, not everyone gets the doses they need. Bryn must take whatever assignment the Fed’s give her in exchange for a steady supply of Returne, even if it means going back to Pharmadene, the scene of her worst nightmare. The new director of Pharmadene wants her to follow up on some descrepancies in facility records and warns Bryn not to trust Riley Block, her FBI handler.

As Bryn’s relationship with Patrick McCallister warms up, he becomes increasingly concerned about her welfare, a concern she continually brushes off. When members of the support group Bryn and Patrick formed for Returne addicts start vanishing, they begin to wonder if the Parmadene lab or the government are behind it. No matter who is responsible, it won’t bode well for Bryn but little could she know just how bad things were going to get as she worked to free her sister and keep them “alive.” As rotten as it might be to have to rely on Returne, Bryn discovers there are worse things and she is about to find herself in the big middle of it.

Caine has succeeded in adding a different twist to a tired genre and created an increasingly complex series populated by strong characters pitted against uber villains. Bryn and Patrick’s relationship is strained to the breaking point yet there remains a glimmer of hope for them to work things out. The fast pace and sinister storyline carry readers deep into the underbelly of greed, government control and a lust for power. This is a series worth watching.

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