Book Review: Twice Tempted

Picking up the story shortly after Once Burned, Leila still hasn’t regained her psychic abilities that were shut down by Vlad’s fire retardant barrier which saved her life. When events didn’t unfold the way she expected at a big vampire dinner reception, Leila decides that if she cannot gain Vlad’s love then it is too painful to remain with him in Rumania. Fleeing back to Marty, her old friend and coworker in Florida, Leila barely survives an attempt on her life. Soon Leila and Maximus, one of Vlad’s trusted associates are trying to stay one step ahead of an unknown assailant as she questions whom to trust. A kidnapping and liquid silver bullets prove the stakes are serious and leaves Leila no choice but to accept Vlad’s help despite the danger to her heart. With the return of Leila’s abilities, it is only a matter of time before Vlad and she discover they are facing a powerful spellcaster. The question is, who is the power behind the spellcaster and more importantly, where will Leila and Vlad’s relationship go from here.

As Leila struggles with matters of the heart, she seems more prone to dithering then in the first book and that is unfortunate as it detracts from an otherwise strong character. Kidnappings, a spellcaster, explosions and more keep the storyline moving along at a steady pace though the arch villain’s identity won’t come as much of a surprise. Readers new to the series will have little difficulty picking up the story while fans will enjoy the few new twists that are thrown in. Leila’s life is forever changed and the groundwork is laid for further adventures as Vlad and she face a challenging future.


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