Book Review: Trouble in Mind

With unexpected twists and surprising protagonists, Deaver’s third short story compilation is a treat that throws in a few characters from previous titles. Kathryn Dance plays a deadly serious game with one of a group of terrorists’ intent upon blowing up building in order to make a statement in the aptly named “Fast.” At eighty-three years old, Sarah Liberman is one smart cookie so when a deadly and manipulative couple move into her building, she recognizes the danger in “Game.” When Sarah disappears, murdered for her wealth, her housekeeper Carmel hires a private investigator to find the body so Sarah can be properly put to rest. The case takes a frightening turn when the investigator discovers Carmel’s husband played a part in Sarah’s disappearance, but what part. His troubles were just beginning in “Paradice” when film location scout John Pellam’s brakes gave out on a steep mountainside. Soon, John is the prime suspect in a local murder and that is just the beginning of his problems.

Mystery fans are sure to enjoy this fast paced collection of twelve tales where clever literary slight of hand assures things are seldom quite what they seem and that makes for great good fun. As with any short story collection, some tales are better then others but there’s no losers here.

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