Book Review: Trance

Ashlyn Greenfield and her older sister Kyra share an unusual, frequently debilitating gift that allows them to see separate snippets of the future. The sisters know that a tingling at the back of the neck heralds an approaching trance during which, they always write sequences of numbers. From painful experience, Ashlyn and Kyra realize they must hide the true nature of these trances that always result in the death of someone they know, including their mother. Wracked with guilt for not paying attention to Kyra, for not being able to save her mother, Ashlyn is determined to discover the meaning of her latest trances and prevent another death. To do that, Ashlyn must discover the identity of the person seen in a car accident and unlock the mystery behind those columns of numbers.

Gerber serves up a taut paranormal thriller with just the right amount of angst and romance to make it credible. The smooth pacing and characters keep readers engaged as they join in Ashlyn’s attempt to put her trance to use and save a life. This is a refreshingly different paranormal story that goes beyond your garden-variety young chic lit.

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