Book Review: Tracking the Man-Beasts

From Yeti to Sasquatch, vampires to chupacabras, assorted man-beasts have seemingly been around since mankind began telling scary stories around the campfire but what kind of solid evidence is available to document their existence? In addition, given the lack of scientifically valid evidence can the existence of these creatures be written off over the objections of cryptozoologists? Beginning with the background history for each of the strange creatures included in this collection including mothmen, swamp monsters, zombies and more, Nickell then explores rational reasons instead of relying upon the supernatural to come up with an explanation.

Self-described as the world’s only professional, science based paranormal investigator, Nickell won’t be changing the skeptics minds but for those readers interested in learning more about the historical and cultural background for the many assorted man-beast legends, this book is an excellent place to start. While it would be easy to come off as derisive and patronizing to the paranormal enthusiasts, Nickell refrains from doing so except where the claims are obviously fraudulent as in a devil creature displayed with the cryptic message “YENOH M’I DLOC.” Upon further investigation the creature was a not only a fake but when read backwards the mysterious message reads, “Honey, I’m Cold!” It is this kind of critical thinking that sets this paranormal investigative work above the rest yet remains approachable and entertaining, enjoy!

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