Book Review: Toys for Boys Set

This totally revised second edition pays homage to a host of technological wonders, dynamite automobiles and boats, fancy bling and opulent big boy toys the likes of which most of us can scarcely imagine. The first chapter, Miniature Machines dives into a presentation of amazing timepieces like Hublot’s diamond filled, transparent “One Million $ Big Bang” and the Horological Machine No.1 shown with exquisite close-up photographs of its many pieces.

While the Super Cars and Electronics chapters are impressive, the Megayachts and Exotic Engines are truly drool-worthy. With its burl walnut joinery, abundant mirrors, marble and plush furniture The World is Not Enough yacht rivals most mansions while Red Square offers a more contemporary feel. A cross between a fighter jet and a FI car, the Tramontana R is a futuristic looking 720 hp vehicle capable of hitting 124 mph in 10.15 seconds yet as impressive as that is, the fully electric Acabion GT-Series reaches 300 mph in 30 seconds. If these megabucks cars are not exciting enough then maybe the B120 Wraith fighter bike, released as a limited edition of 45 will be more to your liking though likely beyond the reach of most people’s wallets.

With outstanding photography and short descriptions in three languages, this stunning peek at how the upper echelons indulge is a visual treat into the fantastic. Each item includes a website address just in case you are seriously considering purchasing one of these amazing toys and if you’re not, simply enjoy the watch included with this boxed set. This would make a great gift for that difficult to buy for, discerning male on your list.

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