Book Review: Thirteen

Armstrong does a nice job of wrapping up the Otherworld series while concluding Savannah’s trilogy that started with Waking the Witch in this full tilt, nonstop, action packed tale that reunites all the characters introduced throughout the previous series titles. With the appearance of assorted supernatural creatures from other realities and the Supernatural Liberation Movement threatening to take drastic action in order to bring all supes out of hiding, Savannah and her friends are hard pressed to avert disaster. A virus has been designed to turn world leaders into supes, demons and angels are lining up to take sides and nothing short of a knockdown, drag out battle royal is going to decide the fate of humans and the supernatural community. Fortunately, Savannah begins figuring out the reason behind her lost powers, even regaining some before the major battle while her relationship with sexy demon half-breed Adam Vasic begins to deepen into something lasting.

As with any series, some titles are stronger then others but this final installment delivers everything readers could desire. Assorted loose ends are handily tied up, major and several minor characters have their say and assorted romances are further developed. With the bonus short story “From Russia with Love” at the end, the story goes full circle by ending where the Otherworld series began with Elena, the woman turned into a werewolf in Bitten assuming an important new role. Naturally, it is best to have read the entire series from the beginning but this can be thoroughly enjoyed if you read at least the previous two series titles. Urban fantasy fans can’t do much better then this.

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