Book Review: Think

Question everything is the recurring message here as Harrison exposes the inherent flaws found in numerous commonly held beliefs in everything from nonsense medical “cures” to the very nature of our memories. Divided into five main chapters, each with several subchapters, Harrison exposes the many ways our beliefs influence our perceptions of truth making it vitally important to question everything, even if it challenges preconceived notions. A short, easy read that tactfully lets readers down whether they believe in Bigfoot, telekinesis or a myriad of other claims, this book shows how a thoughtful examination coupled with an understanding of basic scientific principles can help us avoid falling for bogus assertions. Particularly valuable is the advice regarding taking care of that strange thing inside our heads that quite literally, creates our perception of reality. Readers familiar with Harrison’s previous titles may not find much new information here but for those just discovering the importance of skepticism, this is a terrific introduction.

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