Book Review: The Wolf Age

Enge’s third swashbuckling fantasy in the Morlock Ambrosius series is set in and around the werewolf city of Wuruyaaria with enough battles, blood and mayhem to satisfy. After orchestrating a riot within the werewolf prison where he had been held captive, Ambrosius along with an assortment of other convicts manages an escape. Before long, Ambrosius becomes embroiled in the complex politics of Wuruyaaria which may be unfolding according to the plans of the Strange Gods of the Coranians. As a ragtag group of outcast werewolves work to further their cause during a bloody election year, two powerful forces will clash and the results could change everything.

Filled with Enge’s werewolf language, this book takes some effort to follow but adds to the extensive world building that makes the story work. Though Ambrosius is hamstrung through much of the book, unable to use his full powers, he makes a compelling protagonist. More of his past is revealed and a number of plot twists in the last third of the book make up for the slow pace due to the cumbersome linguistics. This will not appeal to all horror fans as it requires paying attention and slogging through but the overall story is worth it.

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