Book Review: The Whole Story of Climate

Using the latest research along with geologic and fossil records, Peters presents a compelling, easily understood look at Earth’s ongoing climatic cycles. While human activity is undeniably altering the climate, there is much more at work then increased greenhouse gases. Throughout Earth’s history, there has been climate change as ice ages periodically alternated with warmer periods and these changes have played key roles in humanity’s spread across the planet. After a prolonged period of relative climate calm, the Earth is past due for another shift and it is likely we will see more severe storms, droughts and other impacts as temperatures change.

With an easy, conversational tone, Peters provides background into the birth of geology and paleontology and the bearing those early discoveries have on current climate models. Firmly grounded in solid, scientifically based research, this is so much more then pop science or a politically motivated sound byte and should be read by world leaders at every level or anyone interested in the whole story of climate change.

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