Book Review: The Well -Spoken Woman

As founder and president of Positive Communications, Jahnke has worked with women from around the globe teaching effective methods of being heard in a predominately male oriented corporate world where women are all too frequently viewed as less effective communicators. Now, thanks to this approachable guide any woman can learn how to present herself effectively whether she is speaking one-on-one or to a television audience. Drawing on the experiences of Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelou, Indra Nooyi and several other leading women, Jahnke creates a comfortable level of intimacy with readers while teaching the importance of proper enunciation, stance, facile expressions, dress and much, much more.

Women speakers have come a long way since Susan B. Anthony was denigrated for attempting to give women a voice but the glass ceiling still persists. Whether you are facing the local PTA, a critical business meeting or a major news network camera, this guide will provide the tools necessary to transform you into a more effective communicator. This should be on every young woman’s “must read immediately” list and if you know a young woman about to leave high school or college, do consider presenting them with a copy of this invaluable book.

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