Book Review: The Vampire Book

Although there are several, more comprehensive vampire compendiums available, few are more entertaining then this light, delightfully illustrated collection geared toward younger readers. Included is a condensed history of vampires following their transformation from their ghoulish origins in old Eastern Europe folklore to the sophisticated creature of today’s blockbuster movies. Additionally, there is a brief look at fabled creatures throughout the world and historical figures that might have inspired Bram Stoker to write the original Dracula. There is an overview following vampires’ evolution on the big screen and the role they may play in the human psyche. One of the most interesting bits refers to the mystery surrounding Mercy Brown during the late 1800’s that led to an entire family being exhumed with shocking results.

Well illustrated in the vibrant style of contemporary graphic novels, this will appeal to vampire fans of all ages. The information is provided in easily read segments suggestive of sound bytes, perfect for short attention spans yet informative enough to be of interest to horror buffs.

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