Book Review: The Topkapi Secret

Mohammed Atareek is convinced the Topkapi Codex held at Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace Museum will prove his conviction that the modern day Koran is very different from the original text. Unfortunately, Atareek has been unable to gain permission to research the document and prove his claims. After a failed marriage Angela Hall, an English professor from Berkeley went to do her own research on the West Bank. While there, she met Atareek who manages to convince Angela to work with him to gain access to the Topkape Codex despite the fact that several of his colleagues were being murdered. Of course, Angela is not the only one pursuing her own agenda in this high stakes game that could forever change the face of Islam.

What could have been an excellent thriller is marred by jerky, rather amateurish storytelling. The well researched factual information while interesting could have been set into the story in a much smoother manner. Some of the plot points are farfetched but the original premise is thought provoking and holds promise for this author’s next efforts.

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