Book Review: The Thirteenth Sacrifice

With the loving support of adoptive parents, Samantha Ryan has worked hard to put her childhood behind her and build a quiet, respectable life as a Boston detective. Few people know Samantha had been orphaned at twelve years of age when all the members of her coven were brutally killed by something she would rather not remember during a ritual in which she was to be sacrificed. When several murdered women turned up with pentagrams and an ancient symbol carved into them, Samantha quickly realizes a dangerous coven has set up in Salem. These witches practice the darkest magic and think nothing of sacrificing their own children if it achieves their goals. Pressured by her partner, police captain and conscience to work undercover as a witch, Samantha must put aside her vows to God and embrace her abilities in order to stop the coven before it can bring something truly evil into the world. While Samantha expected to pay a price, she couldn’t have anticipated just how much it would cost her.

This excellent thriller features a deeply conflicted heroine trying hard to do the right thing in the face of powerful black magic. The story draws readers in right from the start, then quickly picks up speed as murder victim investigations and connections begin taking shape. Samantha’s relationships with her partner, parents and possible love interest as well as her steadfast belief in God create a believable character in the midst of unbelievable evil. The showdown climax won’t come as a complete surprise but the aftermath more then makes up for it. If you are looking for a scary, compelling witch hunt, look no further then Viguie’s first of the Witch Hunt novels.

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