Book Review: The Superstress Solution

As businesses scale back personnel demanding more of fewer staff and a tightening economy forcing parents to spend longer hours at the workplace while attempting to balance the needs of child rearing, family and community it’s no wonder the effects of superstress are running rampant. The mental and physical toll of stress results in a variety of ailments from insomnia to backache but what can we do about it? For starters, you can try Dr. Lee’s simple four-week diet and lifestyle program as outlined in this book.

The first chapters deal with recognizing stress, its role in daily life and an insightful series of tests to help identify your type and level of stress. The second portion of the book demonstrates how to use relaxation techniques, journaling, exercise and diet to reprogram the emotions and mindset to a more positive, stress reducing level. Finally, the last part focuses on the specifics of the month long stress-busting program including herbal supplements, daily affirmations, exercise and recipes. The diet portion relies primarily upon what is called a Mediterranean-style plan that happens to be high in omega-3 fatty acids, the latest healthy eating catch phrase. 

For the most part, Lee presents an accessible approach to stress reduction by initiating simple lifestyle changes like adding proven techniques such as meditation and exercise to the daily routine. Readers without access to a good health food store and the budget to go with it may find getting recommended supplements like astragalus, alpha lipoic acid or eleuthero problematic at best. Even without the supplements, Lee’s advice is backed up with enough science to make this a valid option for anyone seeking to improve their health and relationships without supporting the pharmaceutical companies.



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