Book Review: The Sookie Stackhouse Companion

Can’t get enough of Sookie Stackhouse, then grab a copy of this comprehensive guide filled with a complete rundown on her many adventures and so much more. The book opens with “Small-Town Wedding,” a new novella about the upcoming marriage between Sam’s brother Craig and Deidra. Craig is the son of a shifter and although he is not a shifter, many local residents are incensed at the idea of him marrying a human. Sam and Sookie find themselves hard at work trying to defuse the volatile situation while attempting to figure out how a simple ceremony got so far out of control.

That’s just to start things off, next is a book-by-book synopsis of events including newly revealed secret conversations between Bill and Eric. Sookie’s short stories are given the same treatment followed by an entire chapter of trivia questions. There is even a chapter of recipes and although several make use of canned soups or are fried making them off limits to the diet conscious, there are some surprises and delicious sounding splurges. “Michele’s Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing” is excellent and “Aunt Patty’s Sour Cream Cake with Praline Frosting” is worth every calorie. Additionally, there is a question and answer chapter between True Blood creator Alan Ball and fans and a whole lot more.

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