Book Review: The Reversal

Connelly serves up a winner in this riveting story that brings together LAPD detective Harry Bosch and his half brother, criminal defense attorney Michael Haller during the retrial of Jason Jessup who has spent the last twenty-four years in San Quentin for the murder of a young girl. Throughout his incarceration, Jessup has steadfastly maintained his innocence and based on DNA evidence, the California Supreme Court has overturned the previous conviction forcing Los Angeles County to retry him.

Against his better judgment, Haller takes the case with the assistance of deputy district attorney Maggie McPherson, his very capable ex-wife and Bosch. They face an uphill battle as Jessup has the considerable support of the media back by the lawyers of a group known as the Genetic Justice Project. In addition to DNA evidence, the victim’s older sister Sarah stands by her previous eyewitness statements naming Jessup but that testimony is about to face serious questions as she has a history of drug abuse and other infractions with the law. With a fourteen-year-old daughter, the case becomes personal and Bosch is determined to keep Jessup behind bars so no one else need go through the heartache of a murdered child at his hands.

Outstanding character development, cunning plot twists, turns and just plain good storytelling make this suspenseful mystery a real page-turner. Connelly catches his stride with this one, maintaining tension and serving up enough surprises to make this a genuine treat, don’t miss it.



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